Meet the Folk
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Meet the Folk

Fisherfolk Partners is a boutique strategy, education and research consultancy specialising in innovation, commercialisation, human centred design and smart disruption.

Our core work is supporting organisations to build a path to their next growth horizon.

Championing people-based strategy, we work with great people to build capability, do practical research and transform futures.


The Fisherfolk practice is to co-create strategies, programs and projects with our clients, transferring our knowledge and tools as we go. This is how we teach our clients and partners “how to fish” using the Fisherfolk toolkit.


Unlike traditional consulting or education, the way we work is based on the simple idea that we build capability within our client teams while working on a critical project. We coach them through their experience, giving them what they need to solve that next big challenge or shining opportunity on their own.


Our toolkit has been curated over decades of experience in management and leadership positions, consulting, research and teaching. Blending the best “old school” approaches with new ways of working, we engage with partner organisations through:


  • Building capability among senior leaders and their teams
  • Co-creating market facing strategy
  • Leading and mentoring significant transformation projects
  • Designing and curating bespoke education programs
  • Delivering original research, insight and thought leadership


With both practical and academic experience we seek out partners who value learning and are willing to experiment with new ways of strategising and collaborating to evolve how they work. We are driven by inspiring our clients to find the adventure and joy in innovation – evolving their work, their teams and themselves.


Over the years, we have formed a collective of award winning “pracademics” and practice experts that can swarm around a business or team need, bringing unique insight and a wealth of experience. We take each engagement as a chance to get our hands dirty with a problem, issue or opportunity working organically, as part of a team, with our partner organisations.



Growth Strategy and Business Modelling Lead

  • Adjunct Fellow – Macquarie Business School
  • Director – Centre for Smart Green Cities
  • Founding Fellow – Sydney School of Entrepreneurship



Design Thinking and Consumer Behaviour Lead

  • Acting Chair and Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship – Potsdam University
  • Senior Lecturer in Management – Macquarie Business School
  • Affiliate Professor – RWTH Aachen University
  • Founding Fellow – Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Lara has a commercial background in strategy, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has twenty-five years of experience working with some of Australia’s top listed companies and global leaders in financial services, IT, telecommunications, health and government.


The uniting purpose of her work is to enable transformation in people and businesses through deep collaboration and the creation of lasting value.


She has applied her knowledge and unique toolkit of curated frameworks to clients as varied as:


  • Financial regulators – in what ways are financial institutions using customer behaviour to drive revenue and defend against competition?
  • Global construction firms -how can we predict and influence future living, working, leisure and shopping patterns to engage and delight lifelong customers?
  • Universities – how can we build, measure and grow engagement with students, partners and alumni communities?
  • Researchers/research centres – what are the most robust, meaningful and impactful paths to industry collaboration and research commercialisation?
  • Start-ups – how can we uncover real unmet or under-met customer needs locally and globally, and how can we scale solutions for sustainable growth?


This stream of work builds on Lara’s formal training in economics, and finance (B.Com, Hons) which she developed through product, service and brand innovation roles in the financial services industry. She combines this with her study and years of work in marketing and strategy (MCom, Phd) and her previous research market facing strategy, customer and non-customer engagement behaviours, actor network theory and value driven innovation to bring a unique approach to her work with Fisherfolk clients.

Lars is a highly experienced educator, facilitator, researcher and advisor to industry. He combines his passion for teaching and learning with his industry and research based expertise in design–led innovation, customer engagement and business models.


Lars mentors start-ups and collaborates with leading global corporations, such as Airbus, Roche or MunichRe on topics ranging from building human-centred communication capabilities to design–led business model innovation.


In addition to deep industry experience, Lars holds positions at both Potsdam and Macquarie University, where he teaches and researches design thinking and consumer behaviour. His research and teaching are award winning, reflecting the integration of hands on practice with innovative creation and application of theory.


You can find Lars’ research publications, book chapters and media articles here.


Research Interest


  • Design Thinking Mindset: What is it exactly? How can we measure it?
  • Leadership of the Future: A network perspective on e_ective team-centric leadership for innovation.
  • Customer Engagement: How to lead the democratization of film through user-led demand.


Our clients span a broad range of industries and include educational bodies and government agencies. We delight in a complex challenge, having earned our stripes in heavily regulated industries where competition is fierce and competitive advantage is hard won.


We have had the pleasure to partner with the following organisations: